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Vocabulary Homework Ideas For Middle School Students

Studies have shown that higher vocabulary comprehension equals a better reading comprehension, and ultimately higher standardized and AP test scores. It is never too early to start building those skills. Yu can behind to do so in the Middle School years with stellar homework habits. Use our vocabulary homework ideas for middle school students.


  • Word wall-let your middle school child take one of the walls in his or her room and create a word wall. You can apply paper to the wall and each time the child has an encounter with a new word while doing assignments, the word can be added with the definition to the word wall. It’s a creative tool for increasing the vocabulary skill.
  • Games-there are a lot of word games that the whole family can play and the fun and learning become one. Check these games out at your local toy score and set up a weekly game night with the family. You cannot beat family and learning time.
  • Songs-students can always remember all the words to their favorite songs. So encourage the making of songs out of challenging words that a child may encounter. The words and definitions could be included in a rap or a silly nursery type song for better learning.
  • Usage rewards-in my classroom I use a reward system where the students are given a candy or homework pass when they use the new words correctly in a sentence. Consider the rules when you set it up and clearly convey these rules to the students involved.
  • Apps –there are literally thousands of word and vocabulary apps in existence. There are ones for every single grade level. Some of these are actually free or at low cost. Children like to use their phones and tablets, so get a few of these apps for homework help ideas.
  • Crossword puzzles-the teacher could ask the students to make a crossword puzzle with the definitions as the clues for each slot. There are several crossword puzzle makers for free online, or it could be formatted with pen, paper and graph paper.
  • Word Search-using the definitions as the clue, the student could play a word search game. The word and the definition would have to be known for success in the adventure.
  • Online quiz maker-there are online quiz makers where the child could make and then take the quiz. Try not to use the notes when taking the vocabulary evaluation.

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