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Where To Go Looking For Free Online Homework Help

The internet can be an exceptional resource for students: you can find answers to virtually any question and information about virtually any topic with the click of a mouse. So, it is no surprise that many students turn to the internet for free online homework help.

Follow these simple tips on where to look for homework help online:
  • For math homework:
  • Math is one of the best subjects to get help on assignments from the internet, because there are many online problem solvers that are available to students. Some are a bit confusing, and tailored for a certain kind of math like algebra or trigonometry, while others are pretty straight forward and general. You should always be sure to check your answers when you use a new equations solving site, but once you find a good one it can save you a lot of time!

  • For foreign language homework:
  • The internet is also a great resource for foreign language homework because it usually involves translating words or sentences, or conjugating verbs. Both of these can be done with simple translation services online or by searching for the verb along with ‘conjugation’ to see the full chart. You should be aware, however, that most teachers can tell when you’ve used an online translator for a whole sentence or passage. Instead, do it one word at time and try to get the sentence order yourself.

  • For history or government homework:
  • These subject generally involve doing an internet search for the question that you are being asked. Sometimes it will take you to a direct answer to the question, while other times it will take to you more general information sites. When the second is the case, it is helpful to search within the webpage for the specific words or terms you are looking for so that you don’t have to read through the whole thing.

  • For science homework:
  • Science homework tends to either require you to answer questions or define terms, or to solve equations for subjects like chemistry or physics. When you are using the internet to find answers to homework questions that involve explaining a concept or defining a term, a simple internet search is usually your best bet. When it requires an equation to be solved, follow this link for great resources.

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