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How To Find Someone Who Can Help Me With 5th Grade Social Studies Homework

5th grade can be fun. A great experience in a young child’s life. The course work begins to get difficult and some students may need more help than others, especially when it comes to tougher courses like social studies. But have no fear, there are many resources that parents and teachers can use to make sure their 5th grader is getting all the help they need when it comes to social studies homework.

Start with the teacher:

Teachers don’t mind meeting with their students when they are having a difficult time understand school work that has been assigned. They will usually set up a time before or after class to meet with the student and go over the homework that is in question. It’s always a good idea for the parents to be present because they can take the information home with them and help the 5th grade student at home.

Look for tutors:

There are a lot of schools or programs that offer after school tutoring in certain subjects. Yes, it comes with a price tag but it is worth it to ensure that the student will pass their social studies class and understand what they are learning.

Use the internet to your advantage:

There are a lot of sites out there that cater to a certain topic that you can easily learn from. Type into google a descriptive word or sentence of what you are looking for and go over the results that pop up.

Talk to classmates:

If you are too shy to go to a teacher then talk to your friends in the class. They may have a better understanding of the topic and can help you in an easier, laid back fashion than what your teacher can teach you. Plus who doesn’t like hanging out with friends.

Use your older siblings or cousins to your advantage:

An older sibling or cousin would have taken the same social studies course as you are, and they can help you with your assignment. Don’t be shy, just go up to them and explain you’re have a difficult time, and they will be sure to jump in and help.

Always remember to ask for help when you need it and use the resources around you when you can. That way to can guarantee success in your work and understand what you are learning.

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