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Viking Homework Ideas: 8 Points To Consider

Introduction of Vikings in Britain

The age of the Vikings in Britain began about in the 9th Century AD and they lasted for over 200 years. Gangs of raiders started attacking the coasts of Britain by 800 A.D. These raiders came for foods and shelter. They were the Vikings (also called Danes).Just like the Anglo-Saxons who came across the North Sea 400 years ago so did the Vikings in the 9th century.

Slowly like the Anglo-Saxons they started inhabiting the place. They started growing crops and formed shelters. Two distinct groups of invaders cannot stay in the same region thus they drove all the Anglo-Saxons out from that part of the country. King Alfred, Saxon king of Wessex, fought a great and fierce battle against the Vikings, but lastly could not throw them out.

You should go through the main few points of the Vikings so that you can easily do your homework on them.

Delve into the Viking history: 8 tips

  1. First of all, where did the Vikings come from? The Vikings came from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Originating from different areas of the then Europe they together crossed the North Sea and inhabited the parts of Britain.
  2. Second point to consider is, who were they? Vikings were known as Norsemen meaning people from the north. They were actually great sailors and had a nomadic life. They traded then raided and at last, often settled in those areas like they did in Britain.
  3. Third point should be, when did they invade Britain? In AD 930 they invaded for the first time and in 1066 they invaded for the last time. The raid on the Lindisfarne marked the start the migration of Vikings in Britain.
  4. Consecutively the fourth point should be on, why they invaded Britain? Vikings had travelled far away from their homeland to invade areas of Britain. Norway was too hilly, Denmark was covered with sandy soils and Sweden was covered in forest. All these reason made them to force their land and search for a better place to live in.
  5. Fifth point is, what religion did they follow? Vikings had three most important Gods. Odin – the leader of Gods. He was also considered the god of magic, poetry and war. Thor was considered to be the god of thunder. Freyr was considered to be the god of agriculture and fertility.
  6. The sixth point deals with what their houses looked like? The Viking used to construct their houses with long woods, blocks of stones or turfs. They lived in long rectangular shaped houses. It had upright timbers.
  7. The seventh point is, Viking clothing. They wore clothes made of linen, wool and fur. They had heretic talents of weaving and thus made their own clothes.
  8. The last point is about the places they settled in. The areas they settled in were known as Danelaw. The area covered the vast stretch of expansion joining London and Chester.

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