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Aboriginal Art Homework Ideas: 4 Good Suggestions

Aboriginals are native to Australian lands since a long period and they have lived there since forever now. They have different belief systems and cultures within their close community. It is similar to Americans who are native to the lands of US. The culture and tradition of these people vary from the normal religions and traditions we have. You will find interesting myths and stories that they believe in if you look carefully at their paintings and artwork. Officially, this art was introduced to the western world in 1970 and has a handsome price during the exhibitions. If you ever visit Australia or search for aboriginal art, you will find that their work talks about their traditions, cultures, beliefs, animals, and weather of Australia.

If you are in your art class and your teacher wants you to create something on the famous aboriginal style then you have a fun assignment waiting for you. You will explore plenty of great ideas and theories when you set out to create something like this. You may have to research and study a little further to understand what this art form is and how you can create one like it. This article gives four good and easy suggestions that you can follow for creating the perfect project for your homework.

  1. Using the bark of a tree for paintings
  2. If you are old enough to get a bark of tree from the eucalyptus plant, then go ahead and get one for your adventurous homework. If you cannot do it on your own, then you should ask an elder to help you get it. Leave the bark for drying under the sun or any dry place. Clean it and paint on the inner side using natural colors like white, yellow, green, orange and blue. This would be a nice idea to impress your teachers.

  3. Drawings and sketching about animals
  4. You will see that most of aboriginal paintings are about animals because they hold significant value in their culture. They believe that magical creatures created the earth in shapes of different animals. You can use paws of your pet or a toy animal to add some flare.

  5. Find more about Mimi and try making a model
  6. A Mimi is a good spirit that taught the aboriginal how to hunt and survive. You can try making a model of it.

  7. Use the internet to find more ideas
  8. If these ideas do not work, use the internet to find easy and fun ideas.

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