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Doing Homework While Listening To The Music: Pros And Cons

“Music is the medicine of mind”

“Music heals the soul”

“Music is an effective way to increase productivity”

You must have heard such statements or very similar during your life. Well there is no doubt in the miracles of the music. Different theories exist about when the music was originated or who started it. Some argue that its sole existence owes to entertainment but then that is not true because it used to exist in ancient civilizations and old centuries in their religious practices. Some argue its origin was religion but then how about the music in nature or music for a profession. The subject is wide and contains an entire universe in itself. If we go into the details of this subject, it will extend beyond the scope of this article.

The basic concern of this article is to talk about the pros and cons of doing your homework while listening to music. Some students have a habit of working with music and they can easily concentrate on their assignments because there is no other distraction. Plenty of students may find it impossible to work with music. The advantages or disadvantages of working with music differ with different individuals, subjects, type of music and the intensity.

Below are some major pros and cons for students listening to music while doing their homework.

Pros of listening to music while attempting your homework

  1. You can avoid listening to the sounds in the surrounding environment like household stuff, your siblings, television programs, your friends, someone in the street or even minor sounds like tap water, fan, doors or walking. When you do not have anything else to concentrate on, your mind can easily focus on the homework
  2. It is ideal if you only have to write down certain assignment without any critical thinking or evaluation. You cannot memorize something or understand a concept if there is music in the background. You can attempt numeric work, math, writing assignments and similar tasks
  3. If you are listening to a certain genre then there are specific frequencies that can increase productivity, keep a person fresh and motivate him to do more work

Cons of listening to music while attempting your homework

  1. It might distract you to the lyrics of the song and you may not focus on the words you are writing
  2. You cannot memorize with music in the background

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